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Homeschool and after school

inquiry-based learning solutions

for parents looking to take education beyond traditional schooling and approaches.


Every child has a unique combination of life experiences, interests, and strengths.

We believe in personalized learning that strives to understand the whole child by co-constructing the learning journey with each child to create engaging opportunities and authentic experiences. Through this approach, children can take ownership of their learning while feeling supported to take risks and challenge themselves.


By fostering an environment where curiosity and inquiry are valued and adults take the role of facilitating investigations, children develop the tools to become empowered and make an impact in their communities. 


Who are we? We're international educators and professionals with

years of experience across 3 amazing countries.

Our experience is varied! We have been classroom teachers, specialist teachers, after school program leaders and curriculum developers.

When Covid 19 spread across the globe, we made the choice to move back to Canada where we could be closer to family and friends.

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Lisa, B.Ed., BA

  • Passion for developing early reader skills, teaching math through hands-on exploration, and exploring creative writing. 

  • Community service and mindfulness advocate and facilitator.

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No matter the type of education your child is currently receiving, we want to work with you to enrich their learning experience, and to support you and your child.  


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“ I was so impressed by how Ms. Page managed to teach my son at school and through distance learning. She was so well organized, patient, and enthusiastic. She motivated my son to love reading, writing and research as well as improve his social skills."


—  Christoph H.