Learning Consultations

If you are a new or seasoned homeschooling parent who is seeking some additional direction or advice, or wanting to learn new strategies to implement yourself, we're here for you!

After your FREE consultation to communicate which areas you are seeking direction or advice, here's what happens:


We gather resources, strategies and information related to the areas identified.



We share and discuss these with you and as share any expertise we have in these areas.



You get access to this collection of information through a personally curated online Padlet.

Recurring meetings are great for ongoing development on your journey as an educator.

These can be regularly occurring or you can contact us whenever something comes up!


Learning consultations are stand alone or recurring meetings between you as an educator and us as educators. 

Where do these learning consultations happen?


Online video call or phone call

Consultations can be scheduled in one hour blocks Monday to Friday, and Sundays.

Note on pricing:

Homeschooling Consultation package fee: $50

to set up your FREE initial consultation

*Please note that the FREE initial consult is only offered online for this service.