After School Enrichment

For families who have children attending public/private school who are seeking additional educational experiences for their child/children.


Whether you have...

we can enhance you child's learning journey.

Multiple children

One Child

A Learning 'Pod'

After School enrichment is a series of sessions where your child works with us through a learning journey using the inquiry cycle.

With your child, we co-create a personalized learning pathway.

These may be framed around your child's interests or specific concepts e.g. reading, areas of math...

Page Bouley Inquiry Cycle.png

While following your child's lead, 

we as facilitators will identify authentic opportunities

for them to work on their goals and build upon their strengths.

​In order to meet your child where they are in their learning journey, we are flexible and adaptive, ready to move at their pace.

Where does all of this take place?

We come to you! At your home in your child's existing learning spaces, both indoors and outdoors. 

Online using Zoom or Teams video calling and screen sharing.

We like to be flexible. If neither of these options work for you, contact us to discuss other posibilities.

We can also extend learning journeys beyond the home for field trip opportunities!

Sessions can be scheduled in one hour blocks

from 4:00pm - 7:00pm Monday to Friday. 

Note on pricing:

We offer a custom service, therefore each quote will be specific to you!

Prices will vary based on criteria such as: 

numbers of students per session, age of students, number of sessions requested, and length of each session. 

The average price per hour is $45.

Sliding scale spots are also available to ensure our services are accessible to everyone. 

What's included in our hourly rate?

- Session preparation time

- Enrichment sessions

- Documentation of learning

- Follow up activities (when appropriate)


to give us a better picture of your child and to organize your FREE consultation (in person or online).