No matter the type of education your child is currently receiving, we want to work with you to enrich their learning experience, and support you and your child.  

Use us as a tool to...

  •  facilitate learning at home with your child.

  • provide you with direction, support and advice for your teaching.

Find out which option is right for you!

Homeschool Enrichment

If you're a homeschooling parent seeking additional 

educational experiences to enhance your child's homeschooling


Learning Consultations

If you're a homeschooling parent seeking some additional direction or advice, or wanting to learn new strategies to implement yourself...

After School Enrichment

If you're a parent of a child attending public/private school seeking additional educational experiences to enhance your child's learning journey... 

FREE Initial Consultation

Each family is unique and we would love to discuss how our services can fit your needs!

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Individual Sessions / Pods

We offer services for one to one learning, groups of siblings, or pods of up to 6 children of similar ages


Please note that Covid 19 regulations based on phases may restrict pod sessions at times. At this time because of health concerns around Covid 19, we can only accept pods of children whose parents have consented to pod together.

What We Offer